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What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab Grown Diamonds are nothing but man-made diamonds, created in labs. These diamonds are exquisite, pocket-friendly and are made righteously, causing no harm to the environment, just like the Earth, make these diamonds by crystallizing carbon into ravishing diamonds. Lab grown diamonds have the same attributes of the real diamonds, physically, chemically and optically.Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) is a process used to develop lab grown CVD diamonds.

In a nutshell, lab grown diamonds are an exact replica of natural diamonds. The result of the process is exactly the same as the ones found beneath the earth’s surface.In the process of creating these man made diamonds, the extremely pure carbon-rich gases are stored and controlled in a chamber. These carbon-rich gases like Methane are heated to approximately 800 degree Celsius. These gases then break apart enabling the carbon atoms to separate within the gas. 

Why choose Lab-Grown Diamonds?


Since CVD diamonds are made in a lab under extremely controlled conditions, they are flawless. They do not have any imperfections.

Conflict Free

CVD diamonds are devoid of any ethical or ecological issues. These diamonds are guilt-free because they are a comparatively sustainable.

Same as Natural Diamond

Lab-grown CVD diamonds have a rigorous quality check process in place and these diamonds are graded just like natural

Excellent Value

One of the prime reasons why CVD diamonds are sought after is affordability. They are 25 to 30 percent cheaper than natural diamonds.

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