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Fast and Safe Delivery

We help you plan for the receipt of your package, an estimated delivery date is given on the detail page for every item, as well as on the shopping bag page.These updates will be sent only to the email address you specify (so as not to spoil any planned surprise).


A lot of people overlook the importance of packaging when buying jewelery. We will, provide you the product with safety and quality as per packaging considerations.

Overnight free Shipping

We are pleased to offer our customers  Overnight Shipping on all domestic shipments.

Flexible Payment Terms

 We have designed its flexible financing advantages to give you control over your budget.

We give you Jewelery with Certificate

Stella Diam gives you the opportunity to customize your diamond jewelery by choosing everything right from scratch. Since your diamond is unique to you, we offer you an array of options in terms of the diamond’s Color, Carat, Shape, Cuts, and Clarity that you can choose from. 


tennis bracelet diamonds

Solitaire Rings

Competitive Prices

Each batch of our beautiful lab-grown diamonds is produced to the same exact standard, meaning we can transparently price our carat weight in a linear way. 

Loose Diamonds

Chemically, physically and optically identical to earth mined diamonds, lab created diamonds provide an affordable (priced up-to 40% less) and ethical choice for anyone seeking exceptional beauty, unmatched quality, and unbeatable value. Unlike earth mined diamonds, our collection is entirely comprised of undeniably ethically sourced diamonds. Our inventory of lab grown diamonds changes daily, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, chat us and we will find you the perfect lab-grown diamond in our offline inventory.

Baggaging Custom Orders

Here, we provide you goods as per your specific needs which can be of any precise Size(Shape) as per your requirements.

No Minimum buying quantity

With Stella Diam you can order goods as per your specific needs, no minimum quantity is required for the same and small Order/Invoice can be delivered.

Flexible Payment Terms

 We have designed its flexible financing advantages to give you control over your budget.

On memo goods for showing customer

We can send goods on memo,so that customers can see it personally and buy if they are satisfied with the product they are looking for.

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